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AniVizzion specializes in the sale and support of 3D CAD software for the event industry, mechanical engineering and all markets where a fast 3D presentation drawing must be made. We provide the software, hardware, training and support needed to work quickly and effectively with 3D CAD software!



Efficient designing starts with picking the right CAD-Software. We can help you find the right software that you are looking for. Below is a list of the software we offer.

SCAD Re-Event is dedicated to Event design. Small events, big events, indoor, outdoor, pretty much every event. Creating drawings for a festival requires a different approach as designing a stage, but with SCAD Re-Event is capable of doing it all. SCAD Re-Event has been developed in a way to make drawing easier, while not losing functionality. It contains many features specifically made for drawing both big and small events. The software includes a library with consists of over 13,000 products which are well-ordered and easily accessible. Visit the Website of SCAD Re-Event SCAD Re-Event
Alibre Design is professional 3D MCAD software for individuals and small to medium sized businesses. ​ Alibre Design focuses on the tools that most people use. This keeps usability high, training fast, and cost of ownership low. ​ With comprehensive design and modeling tools, 2D document creation from your data, integration with M-Files for design management, and the availability of KeyShot photorealistic rendering, Alibre Design delivers the functionality you need for every design and engineering task. ​ At a highly affordable price point, Alibre Design delivers top-end tools at lower cost, including comprehensive assembly, parametric and direct editing tools, 2D documentation, sheet metal design, motion analysis and integrated CAD data sharing tools. Check out Alibre.com for more information
The Advanced Bridle Calculator is a cutting edge AutoCAD ™ and Bricscad plug-in, created to optimize the speed and accuracy of your rigging calculations. Visit the website of Advanced Bridle Calculator

3D CAD Software


3D designing is relatively easy. To get the most out of the software you have to know certain tricks and features which will make designing easier and will save you time.

We offer courses and demonstrations to help you get started with your 3D CAD-software.

Also, we also offer training for advanced users or users who want to refresh their knowledge. Just let us know in advance what kind of user you are and we will make sure you get the right kind of training.


One of our core values is being able to give the best support as possible. Therefore we are easily contactable via multiple media.

Through the short lines in our organisation we are able to solve any problem relatively fast.

Do you have a technical problem? Then there is a good chance you get to speak to one of our programmers to solve the problem with you.

In short: Do not hesitate to contact us.


For the fastest remote support, we often use TeamViewer. It is much easier for us to help us when we can show you what to do on your screen.

Click this link to download TeamViewer

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